Lives transforming to the glory of God

‘How do you trust God when you can’t feel Him?’

By Kerin Verster | 9 April 2020

Written by Dylan Lowe (Part of Simon’s Growth Group) In this time that we have been given locked up in our houses, we’ve all been forced to spend a lot more time in our heads and for many the first time to think with a headspace that is usually cluttered by work, school, homework and…

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What in the world is God doing?

By Kerin Verster | 4 April 2020

We see a world in lockdown, we hear of multitudes who are sick, loved ones dying. Why would a loving God allow this to happen? Why has he not put a stop to it and saved us? These are all good questions and we do not have all the answers. But I want us to…

Faith under fire – Daniel 3

By Kerin Verster | 31 March 2020

Learn this one lesson and your faith won’t let you down in a crisis. Our faith can often feel very fragile and shaky, we feel helpless and hopeless. How did the great men and women of old do such amazing feats which the Bible attributes to their faith? Where did they get such hardcore faith?…

21 days Lockdown make your time count!

By Kerin Verster | 27 March 2020

We might be in lock-down but we are not locked out – intimacy with God is possible and what is needed most. What will be consuming your mind, time and heart during these unique days?  I hope you have spent some time planning the valuable time the Lord is giving you. Over these days what…

Six liberating words we have forgotten

By Kerin Verster | 24 March 2020

“If” is a word which seems to add weakness and uncertainty into the mix. A statement without an “if” seems stronger, doesn’t it? ‘I will be there for you, no matter what!’; ‘I will never let that happen to you!’ ‘We will be fine!’; ‘We won’t get sick!’ These phrases may appear to be strong.…