Six liberating words we have forgotten

If is a word which seems to add weakness and uncertainty into the mix.

A statement without an “if” seems stronger, doesn’t it?

‘I will be there for you, no matter what!’; ‘I will never let that happen to you!’ ‘We will be fine!’; ‘We won’t get sick!’

These phrases may appear to be strong. They may seem to be words of faith. But, in reality, they might be at best just unhelpful words or worse – lies.

One of the most liberating phrases in the Bible starts with an “if”.

Look at James 4:15 “If it is the Lord’s will,”

These six glorious words are words we are to say regularly v. 15 “Instead, you ought to say,”

This “if” is a beautiful “if” because it places its trust on the sovereign, good and merciful God who made us. Are you living now in the light of His will? Are you entrusting your family, business and future into his hands?

Our job, at this time, is not to know all things or control all things or protect all things. It is not a time for us to try to know the future or control the future, but to acknowledge we are but a mist (James 4:14) that appears for a short time. We are small and temporal beings, we are not God. We can’t make things happen by sheer willpower. God is the only one who has the power to accomplish his purposes. We are not to boast or to behave as if we are all-powerful, we are to look to the one who is. To entrust our family, finances, businesses and our very lives – our future into his hands.

When we do that – when we rely on the cross of Christ for our salvation and the will of God for our present and future – life becomes simple.

We are not forecasters; we are not futurists, but we are called to be disciples (Followers). We don’t need to try foretell the future or control our circumstances. We are called to plan in the light of God’s Sovereign will. Say and believe those 6 liberating words. “If it is the Lord’s will.”

We are called to live today in the light of God’s Gospel and God’s revealed words. Don’t sin: whether by being anxious, or greedy or lazy or proud. Rather do the simple will of God – trust him and follow his lead – today. Live by the power of his Spirit, by the direction of his revealed word. Do things today which will bear fruit into eternity.

“If it is the Lord’s will,”

It is a humbling phrase which reminds us of our place and sets our gaze correctly on our Father and His will.

Help us Oh God at this time to say and believe these 6 forgotten words from the heart.

“If it is the Lord’s will,”

If the Lord wills we will get through this, If the Lord wills we will remain healthy If the Lord will …

Well the great comfort in all this is the fact that we do know His will and the future because he has told us.

  • Whoever believes the Son has eternal life — John 3:36 (read whole chapter)
  • Jesus has gone ahead of us to prepare a place for us in heaven — John 14:2
  • That place he has prepared is a new place where sin no longer reigns, it is the place of no more suffering, mourning or death. — Revelation 21:1-8

Please pray for the medical personnel in South Africa during this time. They, without knowing it, are a living picture of God’s love in Jesus. Who laid down his life for the sick and those suffering in sin. Thank God that we have medical people who put their lives on the line for us. Pray for energy, wisdom, strength, and a calmness from God. Pray that God would protect and keep them and their families safe as they seek to protect and keep our families safe.


Rev. Kerin Verster

Kerin Verster

Kerin Verster is minister of Christ Church Glenwood, his chief passion is Jesus and seeing lives transformed as people come to know Jesus and follow him. He is in love with and married to Kerry-Anne and they have 3 younger disciples under their care. His other joy is to work with his hands in his hobby as a leather crafter.